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Medical Case Management encompasses a highly diverse range of services. For workers Compensation-related files, the medical Case Manager is assigned by the insurance company to assist in the medical rehabilitation process of claimants who have sustained work-related injuries and/or are suffering from a work-related illness.

The goal of the Medical Case Manager is to facilitate the optimum medical recovery of the claimant and their early return to work. This goal is achieved through a close liaison with all those involved in the rehabilitation process including the claimant, the treating physician, therapists, employer and the insurance carrier.

The primary focus of our Medical Case Managers is the claimant. In serving injured individuals our responsibilities may include some or all of the following: (For expanded information click here)

Initial Evaluation Following Injury or Diagnosis of Illness


Establishing a Comprehensive Care Plan


Attendance to Physician Appointments and/or Surgery


Assistance with Hospital/Surgery Admission and Discharge


Liaison with Therapists and Regular Attendance at Therapy Sessions


Emotional Support, Assistance with ADL and Education


Reporting and Communication

Comprehensive Care Systems will facilitate the rehabilitation process by working as a liason for all parties caring for the claimant

Benefits of Medical Case Management


Quality Care

     Contemporary Medical treatment is complex, highly specialized and provided through a fragmented structure involving physicians, therapists, equipment providers and treatment centers. The medical Case Manager is in an unique position to observe and monitor the claimant’s response to treatment and report on any problems or concerns when treatment appears inappropriate and/or ineffective

Cost Effectiveness

Comprehensive Care Systems can impact the quality of care received by injured individuals and can significantly reduce costs. These costs benefits are revealed in hard and soft dollar savings.

Hard Dollar Savings come from the efficient utilization of medical services, equipment purchase and avoidance of litigation.

Soft Dollar savings are intangible but very real benefits accrue when:

Claimants are kept on track with treatment and can return to work as soon as possible 

All parties involved understand what is going on and are constantly informed of progress made.