Comprehensive Care Systems- We go the extra mile!Life care planning provides a comprehensive and objective view of an individuals needs. This service is perfect for insurance companies, attorneys, and trustees!


Comprehensive Care Systems can prepare a life care plan or review a plan from an opposing party.  This service is coordinated by Nancy Nusbaum, RN, MSN, a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) with advanced education and experience, who is also nationally certified as a Life Care Planner (CLCP), Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) and Case Manager (CCM).  We can provide courtroom testimony to support the recommendations made, as well as continue working with an individual as Case Managers to coordinate medical services in the future.  Additionally, we can provide consultation to those involved in the care of an individual (i.e., family, guardian, trustee, advocate, or case manager) to assist in making healthcare decisions

What is Life Care Planning?

Life Care Planning Services

The Legal and insurance professionals by providing an objective and comprehensive view of an individual's needs over his or her remaining life span.  It specifies the costs associated with an injury in present-day value and then be utilized to determine future expenses. This is necessary to establish reserves and assists in negotiating an appropriate settlement for the case.

The Trustee by providing a blueprint for needed care. It assists in identifying where financial resources are most needed and will likely be necessary in the future.

The Case Manager by providing a plan with a the future in mind. It can be utilized as a dynamic tool to limit duplication of services and preventing unforeseen complications. It also provides a foundation for addressing needs with flexibility to accommodate advances in science and technology.

The Client with complex medical and therapeutic needs and his or her family. It can increase their understanding of ongoing needs and the options for treatment. It also helps them in planning their finances, coordinating community resources and identifying what the insurance or other funding sources will support.