Law offices, insurance companies and medical practices can all benefit by the services Comprehensive Care Systems provides!


Legal Nurse Consulting, Medical File Review,

Medical Care Follow up and Early Intervention/Lost Time


Nancy Nusbaum RN, CRRN, CCM FNP, MSN, CLCP, owner and executive director of Comprehensive Care Systems, oversees the careful review and analyses of medical records and determines whether proper care was provided to an injured or ailing individual. She can also provide an expert opinion on what outcomes can be expected as a result of the treatment provided and make recommendations about ways that a claimant can be better served.





Our nurses are trained in both medical and legal issues and can determine the merits of a case early in the legal process, therefore making the process of resource allocation as simple as possible. We provide a cost effective alternative to Physician consultants whose exorbitant fees and limited time make it virtually impossible to utilize them in every case. By retaining the services of CCS, attorneys will have a team of experienced nurses available for consult at a fraction of the cost. We can also follow up on the care given to your clients.

For more information regarding our Legal Nurse Consulting and Medical File Review services please contact us!


Do you know how your patients are doing a few days after a procedure? Do you have the time or personnel to follow up on each one of your patients in a timely manner? Let CCS Nurses handle the follow up care! Your practice will benefit greatly from having your patients expertly cared for and your patients will rave about how well you take care of them. Our nurses will call or visit your patients to ensure they understand all of your post-procedural instructions and are taking all medication as prescribed. This service is perfect for patients who have had major surgery or complicated procedures. It also benefits those who must take numerous medications or have trouble adhering to your recommendations. For more information on how we can help your practice shine please call us!


You can call us evaluate the status of your employees who have been off work for more than fourteen days following an injury. Our nurses will evaluate the psycho-social and financial situation of the injured individual and make recommendations for further action. This information is relayed all responsible parties.

Some advantages of this service are:

Delivery of first temporary disability payment

Home assessment of injured worker

Identification of barriers to recovery

Enhancement of worker/employer relationship

Helps preserve control of file

Reduces litigation