Why Do You Need a Wellness Promotion & Disease

Management Program at Your Company? 

Caring for your employees saves you money!

      Maintaining an energetic and, productive and healthy workforce is of paramount importance to the effective running of any organization.  Lost time due to illness or work-related injuries or diseases is costly and disruptive.  Often, these illnesses and/or injuries can be prevented or at the very least, the adverse effects can be reduced through education and health promotion.  For this reason, many businesses view wellness and injury prevention program as vital components of their organization infrastructure. Some benefits of a well established program include:

Improved Productivity

Reduced Absenteeism Healthy employees are less likely to succumb to everyday infections and disease hazards.  They are also less likely to be injured at work.

Reduced Overall Company Costs- It is estimated that there is a cost benefit of six dollars per dollar spent on wellness and health promotion.

Improved Employee Morale- When your employees realize you care for them, they are happier, more responsive and work harder. They will also take less advantage of your company (in-house theft, etc.)

Reduction of Healthcare Benefit Costs

Reduce Healthcare Insurance Cost through decreased utilization of services leading to a possible decrease in premium.

Lowered Life Insurance Costs

Reduction in Workers Compensation Claims- quicker recovery times for injured healthy workers

Reduction In Human Resources Development Costs

Recruiting- less recruiting costs as a result of less staff turnover

Education and Training costs are thus reduced.

 Improved Public Image for Your Company

A concerned and Responsible Employer

 General Visibility- Good public relations

Meeting Gold Standards for Healthy people 2010 

What are the components of an industry-based wellness

promotion/disease management program by CCS?

The scope and possibility for a Wellness Program/Disease Management Program is far-reaching and dependent on the needs of the individual business concerned.  Comprehensive Care Systems is able to customize any program to fit the requirements of your company. An initial program can be developed to include all or a few of the following suggestions.

*      The services of an on-site nurse on a daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis to be available to employees for consultation regarding any medical concerns.  This could also include referral to counseling services for those with marital/family/financial problems

*      Pre-employment screening

*      Development of a health profile of each employee � screening for illness/disease through face-to-face history taking and appropriate testing techniques.

*      Health Screening: specific testing for conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and lung disease or disorders.

*      Referral to appropriate medical care for those employees suspected as having disease conditions.

*      Nutritional/weight-control programs; lifestyle counseling in the areas of diet, exercise, treatment compliance, etc.

*      Regular on-site health presentations for all employees.  This could include lectures on general or specific health-related issues i.e. Diabetes, Heart related conditions, sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV/AIDS), back injury, repetitive injuries, treatment compliance for Worker Compensation claimants, etc.

*      Management of occupational asthma programs

*      Alcohol, drug and smoking cessation programs

*      Exercise and fitness programs

*      Back injury prevention program 

*      Issues related to HIV/AIDS in the workplace

*      Management of occupational stress